one person exhibitions

1987    Kingston Polytechnic. Etchings / Screenprints.
1988    Kingston Polytechnic. Photographs.
1989    Chiswick Public Library. Prints / Photographs.
1992    Leolux, Krefeld, Germany.
1992    BiPi’s Kulturgalerie, Cologne, Germany.
1993    Galerie Diederich, Korchenbroich,
1998    ART + MEDIA, Krefeld,
1999    ART + MEDIA, Krefeld, „New Pictures und Sculptures“
2000    ART + MEDIA, Krefeld, „New Pictures und Sculptures“
2001    ART + MEDIA, Krefeld, „Spring Exhibition“
2002    ART + MEDIA, Krefeld, „New Paintings“
2003    Studioausstellung „New Paintings“
2004    eoh art&design, Krefeld, „Paintings and Photography“
2005    eoh art&design, Krefeld, „No Strings Attached“ new works

group exhibitions

1983    City Lit at the Guildhall, London. Prints and Drawings.
1985    Staircase Gallery, Kew. “ Life Drawings at Kew Studio“.
1985    Richmond Adult College, Richmond-upon-Thames. Life Drawings.
1988    The Square Gallery, Highgate, London. „Open“ Exhibition.
1988    Kingston Polytechnic. Degree Show.
1988    Smith’s Gallery, Covent Garden, London. „Kingston Printmakers“.
1988    „Art House“ at Majestic Wine Warehouse, Battersea, London.
1989    Bankside Gallery, London. „Open Print“ Exhibition.
1989    The Square Gallery, Highgate, London.
1990    Staircase Gallery, Kew.
1990    The Slaughterhouse Gallery, London. Postgraduate Degree Show.
1991    The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle, Northants., UK.
1991    The Metro Gallery, London. „Open Exhibition“.
1991    The London Institute Gallery, London.
1991    Eva Jekel Gallery, London. „Open Exhibition“.
1992    The Frame Factory, Chiswick, London.
1992    Art for Offices, Wapping, London. MA Degree Show.
1993    van Remmen Galerie, Solingen,
1994    Galerie des BBK, Düsseldorf. „Prints / small sculptures“.
1994    Galerie des BBK, Düsseldorf. „painting / works on paper“.
1995    Galerie des BBK, Düsseldorf. „1+2″, 3 Artist of different nationalities.
1996    Galerie Fochem, Krefeld. “ Krefeld artists show small paintings“.
1998    SÜDGANG, Krefeld artists exhibit
1999    Rhein. Landesmuseum, Bonn “ Grafik der Gegenwart“
1999    Kreishaus, Bad Schwalbach „Grafik der Gegenwart“
2000    SÜDGANG, Krefeld artists exhibit
2001    Cerestar, Krefeld Linn
2002    Künstler der Virkuga, Köthen
2003    SÜDGANG, Krefeld artists exhibit
2004    eoh art&design, Krefeld, „Remix und Neue Bilder“ mit Otto Holler
2004    Kultur Punkt Krefeld „SÜDGANG“ Krefeld artists exhibit
2005   Ars Avendi ‚Kunst trifft Architektur‘, Krefeld
2006   Kultur Punkt Krefeld  ‚3 artists exhibiting‘
2006   ‚On the Spot‘ – Stadt Krefeld project  ‚Ab in die Mitte‘
2008   ‚Ship of Fools‘. Collaborating artists, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Australia
2008   ‚Ship of Fools‘. The Ballarat Mining Exchange, Australia
2008    Stadt Krefeld project ‚Ab in die Mitte
2009    Muscatine, Iowa, USA